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Let's build a new future together and realize the dream of human safety and happiness by creatively thinking and facing challenges

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The world is full of changes and uncertainty, people have to face varied objective and subjective risks, epidemics, wars, accidents, changes in social security, population growth, factors that cause social imbalance, life fasts forward. Man, an entity that exists and is organically involved in social relations, is increasingly under pressure from pragmatism as a way of life, consumerism, and changes in psychophysiology. In terms of more physical reality, we, as a business in the helmet industry, understand these issues deeply. We are a business with a clear worldview. We convey our creative thinking into the helmet product full of passion with a greater responsibility than a mere business. We serve people and society by providing best products to keep you safe on every journey.


Accept and turn all challenges into opportunities and ambitious to be the number one helmet company in Vietnam and globally.


Since 2022, Asia Helmets Group has established a new corporate vision: 'Respect, serve people and optimize value creation, pursue growth while balancing and sharing with consumers.' All members of the group will fully work together to realize this vision and turn Asia into a leading global helmet group that offers customers new values. With greater value we create by blending our capabilities, we will respect the healthy growth of our business partners in the local community while contributing to the safe sustainability of humanity


A group-wide corporate vision is a vision statement regarding the core business. As for the manufacturing and trading of helmet, the vision statement is: Provide a new product that makes life safer and more enjoyable by realizing superior protection based on advanced, customer - centered, environment-friendly technologies and comprehensive services. Asia will provide products and services in accordance with the vision of transforming helmets from mere protection into a new culture of civilization.